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To produce the best bearings is the eternal pursuit of VCD Bearings.

(1)High precision: It conforms to the national ZV4 quality level and reaches the P5 and P6 precision levels. The higher the precision, the smaller the error, the strong consistency and the stable operation.
(2)Low noise: noise level detection, the decibel value of miniature bearings is <20 decibels, the decibel value of micro and small bearings is <20 decibels, and the decibel value of small bearings is <25 decibels, which is much lower than that of the peers.
(3)High speed: Bearing micron-level size control, p5 error < 6 microns, strong consistency, can be matched according to product requirements, to meet dozens of to 20,000 revolutions, or even higher speed requirements
(4)Durability: Control from raw materials, use more wear-resistant Xingcheng steel and Northeast special steel, and have a longer service life.
(5)Pro-environment: It can be used in a temperature environment from -60°C to 230°C, and is being developed for a 300°C temperature environment application, with low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, and the application field is expanded.

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