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What are sealed bearings?
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For small-sized motors, most of them use sealed bearings, which do not require special bearing caps. The end caps have shaft holes, and wave springs are placed at the bottom of the bearing chamber during assembly to meet and limit the axial displacement of the rotor during motor operation.6309 rs

For motors without special requirements, the friction force between the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing chamber of the end cover is sufficient to resist the axial force caused by thermal expansion and contraction during the operation of the motor, and the axial positioning of the inner cover of the bearing is not required.

However, for occasions that require high axial dimensional accuracy, it is also necessary to take certain positioning measures. On the premise of not changing the structure and quantity of motor components, a retaining ring groove will be processed in the bearing chamber of the positioning end cover to limit the axial movement of the bearing.

Bearing seals are mostly used in deep groove bearings with a large quantity and wide area. In recent years, bearings with different sealing rings have appeared in various types of rolling bearings. Therefore, sealing is one of the important directions for the development of bearing technology. Bearings with different structures and different working conditions require different structures and materials of sealing rings.

Sealed bearings are equipped with corresponding sealing devices on both ends of the rolling bearing. With a dust cover and with a sealing ring, the two performances are different, one is dustproof and the other is sealing. The purpose of the seal is to keep the grease (oil) inside the bearing from being lost during use, and the dirty grease from the outside is not easy to flow in, so as to ensure that the bearing is in a lubricated state. Dustproof is to protect the dust or harmful gas outside the bearing from entering the inner cavity of the bearing to prevent damage to the bearing.

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