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Characteristics of rolling bearings compared with sliding bearings
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Bearings are the product of social development, and bearings have a long history in China. Bearings can be divided into various types. Today, the characteristics of rolling bearings and sliding bearings are briefly described.6012rs (2)

Rolling bearings are made of bearing steel and heat-treated, so rolling bearings not only have higher mechanical properties and longer service life, but also save more expensive non-ferrous metals for the manufacture of sliding bearings. The rolling bearing has high transmission efficiency and less heat generation, which can reduce the consumption of lubricating oil, and the lubrication maintenance is relatively easy. Some rolling bearings can also bear radial and axial loads, which can simplify the structure of the bearing.

Rolling bearings have been standardized, serialized, and highly versatile, suitable for mass production and supply, and are very convenient to use and maintain. Rolling bearings can be easily applied to uranium in any space. The internal clearance of the rolling bearing is very small, the processing precision of each component is high, and the running precision is high. At the same time, the rigidity of the bearing can be improved by preloading. This is very important for precision machinery.

Rolling bearings also have some disadvantages: the vibration and noise of rolling bearings are relatively large, which are more obvious in the later period of use, and the precision requirements are very high. Without vibration, rolling bearings are difficult to do, and the effect of sliding bearings is generally better. The load bearing capacity of rolling bearings is much smaller than that of sliding bearings of the same size, and the radial dimension of the bearings is larger. Therefore, in the case of heavy load, small radial size and compact structure, sliding bearings are often used.

Compared with ordinary bearings, rolling bearings have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they cannot be completely replaced, and each develops in a certain direction to expand its own field. At present, rolling bearings have developed into the main support form of machinery and have been more and more widely used.

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