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The reason why the rolling bearing makes noise in the motor
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Motor bearing noise is also known as motor noise. The motor noise is composed of mechanical noise, electromagnetic noise and ventilation noise, of which one of the main sources of mechanical noise is bearing noise, therefore, controlling the bearing noise of the motor can effectively reduce the overall noise of the motor. Bearing is one of the main fault points of motor. Solving the bearing noise of the motor can reduce the bearing failure of the motor and improve the overall quality of the motor.

There are two main effects of bearing on motor vibration and noise. On the one hand, the bearing itself is a serious source of vibration and noise, on the other hand, as a connecting component of the motor rotor and stator, the bearing is excited by various forces in the motor and transmits the exciting force, resulting in vibration and noise. Motor noise includes electromagnetic noise, ventilation noise and mechanical noise, and one of the main sources of mechanical noise is the bearing noise of the motor. In the motor structure, bearings are the bearing parts that connect the stator and rotor of the motor, limit the relative position of the rotor, and ensure the accurate operation of the motor. The fault of the rolling bearing on the motor will be reflected in the vibration of the bearing, and then produce bearing noise, bearing heat and other phenomena, but in the early stage of the bearing failure, the bearing vibration, noise, heat and other phenomena are not obvious, only some small changes, often ignored by people, and when these phenomena are obvious, the bearing failure has occurred, if you do not take immediate measures at this time, It will bring about unpredictable and serious consequences.

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