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Common bearings for motors
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The bearing used by the motor is a part that supports the shaft. It can guide the rotation of the shaft and can also bear the idling parts on the shaft. The concept of the bearing is very broad. There are four types of bearings commonly used in motors, namely rolling bearings, sliding bearings, joint bearings and oil bearings. The most common motor bearings are rolling bearings, ie bearings with rolling elements.

Most small and medium-sized motors use rolling bearings. Large and medium-sized motors also use rolling bearings. Ball bearings (deep groove ball bearings) are used for the bearings at both ends of the small motor. Medium-sized motors use roller bearings at the load end (generally used for high load conditions), and ball bearings at the non-load end (but there are also opposite cases, such as 1050kW motors). Rolling bearings are lubricated with grease, but they are also lubricated with oil.

Bearing is one of the key parts of the motor. The most widely used bearings on small and medium-sized motors are deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings. According to the load characteristics of the corresponding motor and the installation method of the motor, the bearing The selection and use of these products have specific supporting relationships.

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