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There are several types of 6mm Ball Bearing
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Yes, there are several types of 6mm ball bearings, which can vary based on their design, material, and specific application. Here are some common variations:

  1. Material:

    • Steel: Most common, used in a wide range of applications.
    • Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion, suitable for medical or food-related machinery.
    • Ceramic: Lighter, harder, and more heat-resistant than steel, often used in high-speed applications.
    • Chrome: Offers high hardness and excellent resistance to wear and deformation.
  2. Design:

    • Deep Groove: Ideal for handling radial and axial loads in both directions.
    • Angular Contact: Can bear radial and axial loads but better suited for applications with axial loads in one direction.
    • Thrust: Designed to handle axial loads exclusively.
    • Self-aligning: Can tolerate misalignment between the shaft and the housing.
  3. Seal/Shield Type:

    • Open: Without seals or shields; easy to lubricate, but vulnerable to contaminants.
    • Sealed (RS/2RS): Feature contact seals on one or both sides, offering better protection against contaminants and are pre-lubricated.
    • Shielded (ZZ): Metal shields on one or both sides to protect from contaminants while allowing high speed.
  4. Precision Rating:

    • ABEC Ratings: Ranges from 1 to 9; higher ABEC ratings indicate a more precise bearing with tighter tolerances.
    • ISO Ratings: Similar to ABEC, these are international standards for bearing tolerances.
  5. Lubrication:

    • Greased: Pre-lubricated with grease for general use.
    • Oil: Some applications may use oil for lubrication, especially when high speeds or temperatures are involved.
  6. Special Features:

    • Flanged: Features a flange on the outer ring, which can help with axial positioning in the housing.
    • Miniature: Extra small bearings for very small or precision applications.

When choosing a 6mm ball bearing, it's important to consider the specific needs of the application, such as the load capacity, the environment (e.g., whether exposure to corrosive substances is likely), speed requirements, and any alignment tolerances. This ensures the selected bearing will perform optimally and have a suitable lifespan for its intended use.

696ZZ 6*15*5

636ZZ 6*22*7

686ZZ 6*13*5   6*13*3.5

606ZZ 6*17*6

626ZZ 6*19*6

R1688ZZ 6.35*9.25*3.175

R188ZZ 6.35*12.7*4.762

R4ZZ 6.35*15.875*4.978

R4A 6.35*19.05*7.142

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